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beach thing

2023 - open score/flexible ensemble c. approx 8'





Percussion (2 untuned instruments, 1 tuned instrument)


Co-commissioned by Sound Festival and CoMA for the 2024 CoMA Festival

seagull 4.png
limpet 2.png

I am currently working to build an online shop for pdf score. In the meantime, to access the full score for perusal or purchase please contact me via the contact page

Beach Thing

- a thing you find on the beach.


This piece is about exploring the beach. Growing up there were various beaches that I could access near my home on which I would play and explore. One of them was on the edge of my grandparent’s garden. I am passionate about beach ecologies and protecting these incredibly biodiverse environments for future generations to enjoy and explore.


When I was commissioned to write music for Sound Festival's Creative Ensemble, an ensemble of young musicians aged 12-18, a beachy piece seemed like a fun idea in which the young musicians would be asked to use their instruments to mimic the sounds heard at the beach including waves, seabirds and other small beach critters. 

The piece is written for open ensemble and includes optional easy parts to ensure that young musicians of varying levels can participate. The piece also includes teaching materials to aid in workshopping the piece and introducing the sound making elements. 


Fact - It is estimated that Scotland (including all the islands) has some 11,602 miles of coastline.

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Performed at the 2024 CoMA Festival by 

Sound Festival's Creative Ensemble in King's Pavilion,  Aberdeen. 


Performed at the 2024 CoMA Festival by 

St Mary's Music School Plus Ensemble in

St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh. 


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