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I am a musician, composer, multidisciplinary artist and music educator from the west of Scotland, currently based in Glasgow.


My background as a musician is fairly eclectic which I embrace in my work. I am interested in cross-disciplinary collaboration and am happiest navigating the intersections of musical practices, particularly those of jazz, sound art, folk music, free improvisation and contemporary classical music.

I am drawn to projects concerning the natural environment, ecologies, sustainability, and conservation particularly around the seas and coastlines of Scotland. From the bird colonies of St Kilda and the last great auk to argumentative humming birds, creatures found in rock pools and a eulogy for a dead whale, I seek to communicate my passion for these issues through listening, compassion and a sense of joyfulness.

"Fergus Hall’s sound composition, made by weaving together hydrophone recordings and human song, is mesmerising" The Scotsman, December 2022


"The listener is always firmly surrounded by a dramatic Scottish landscape – with an immediate understanding of what Hall has set out to do and how to react to it. It’s testament to his skills as a composer that an album so intrinsically complicated is so immediately listenable." SNACK,  May 2021

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