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2018 - solo percussion c. 9' with optional visuals by Sarah McWhinney

Commissioned by Sound Thought and Glasgow New Music Expedition for Glynn Forest. 

- Ride cymbal with sizzle or chain

- High woodblock

- Low woodblock

- High temple block

- Low temple block

- Snare (snare off throughout)

- Low floor tom-tom

- Side mounted bass drum (alternativley a large, loose floor tom can be used)

This piece is about critters, the little things that tip tap around in rock pools. They scratch and scrape and gurgle. 


A slow opening section with free aleatoric elements as the tide goes out, creating the rock pool. 

A burst of activity as the pool comes to life and its residents come out to feed. 

The crash of waves as the tide draws back in, reuniting the pool with the sea. 


Critters takes inspiration from the playing of certain jazz drummers such as Elvin Jones and Brian Blade. 

I am currently working to build an online shop for pdf scores.

In the meantime, to access the full score for perusal or purchase please contact me via the contact page



Glynn Forest - Premiered at Sound Thought Festival, November 2018. 

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